Workshop, Old Co op, Ouston Lane DH2 1QT

0781 6028877


You can change the brief, even during the process of it being made, but this might result in a change in cost (up or down!). But the flexibility to change your mind is part of the beauty of commissioning work. I do not mass-produce work, although I can produce batches of items as I did for the Alnwick treehouse restaurant  menus. I sometimes make items for galleries in the north east of England, usually mirrors, wooden boxes, coffee tables or free-standing cabinets.


Tel: 0781 6028877       Email: [email protected]

All are made by hand, in my workshop and from timber I personally select from sustainable sources that is grown, milled and seasoned within 60 miles of my workshop.

There is no upper or lower limit to the size or value of the things I make for clients, or geographic limits as I can arrange for work to be couriered. I am open to requests, I enjoy challenges!

I am also happy to take on furniture repairs, just ask for details.

Commissioning is not a scary process, just another word for asking for something. Design of each piece usually starts with a chat with the customer about the sort of thing they are wanting, any design ideas they have, some drawings and measurements of a space where it is to fit, what it is to contain or even who will be sitting in the chair. Before the work is started. I give an idea of price and how long it will take to make. The price will not go up once it is agreed, provided the brief remains the same.